Which online casino to choose

If you haven’t played at an online casino before, making the right choice is especially important. Your first impressions will depend on it. It is important to play comfortably, easily, safely, and advantageously. Therefore, when you choose a project, pay attention to the following points:

  • Whether the casino has a license;
  • How varied is the range of gambling games;
  • Is there support for popular slot developers;
  • What bonuses are available for new players;
  • Whether the online casino has cashback;
  • Whether the game is allowed in your country.

Choose online casino.

The license confirms that it is not illegal to play online casino games in India. Licensed sites operate legally and do not violate the laws of the country. Here you will never be blocked for no reason, refuse to withdraw your money or freeze your account. Moreover, you can start playing slots with little or no investment or risk due to the welcome bonuses. Certain casinos give out no deposit bonus and free spins for registration.

How to get started playing online casinos in India?

The casino has one big advantage over any other type of gambling. To start playing and win your first money, you don’t need to have any special knowledge or learn anything. In slots, all you have to do is make a bet and spin the wheel. The chances of winning are the same for all players.

Only adult users are allowed to play at the casino for money. If you are under 18, do not create an account with false information. You may be banned from using untrue information.

If you are over 18, you will need to follow three steps:

  1. Choose an establishment. Choose one of the online casinos on our site;
  2. Registration. Open the official site of the platform and register. When you create an account, use real data about yourself. Provide your own first and last name, correct date of birth, and address;
  3. Deposit. If the casino does not have a no-deposit bonus, make a fund on your account. When the money is added to your balance, you can start playing slot machines, roulette, video poker, and other gambling attractions.

How to get started playing online casinos in India?

Place your bets, get your big winnings, and withdraw the money to your credit card or e-wallet. And don’t forget the bonuses. They’ll give you an extra boost when you start playing.

What bonuses are available?

The online casino offers all new players from India a welcome bonus. Sometimes the gift is given immediately after registration, but in most cases, you need to make your first deposit to activate the bonus. What you can get at the first deposit:

  • Money. From 100% to 200% of your deposit amount. Deposit $100, and you’ll get at least another $100 bonus;
  • Freespins. Freespins on popular slots at a fixed rate. The number of free spins and bet size depends on the bonus and deposit amount;
  • Cashback. If you lose more than you win in a day, week, or month, the casino can give you back a percentage of the money.


Gift money and winnings from free spins can only be withdrawn to your card or e-wallet after completing the wagering conditions. To do this, you need to make a turnover of bets with a certain wager (multiplier) for the given period of time. For example, for wagering a $100 bonus with wager x10, you must make a turnover of bets by $1000. It takes into account both winning and losing bets.

Is it legal to play online casinos in India?

There is no federal law that would ban online gambling at the national level in India. Each state decides for itself, whether it is allowed to play casino games or not. For example, gambling is fully allowed in the states of Goa and Sikkim. On the other hand, In the state of Maharashtra, gambling is not allowed. Before you start gambling, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the laws of your state.

Legal Casinos in India

Is it possible to earn money at online casinos?

Although money can be made at online casinos in India, it is not advisable to treat them as the main income source. There is no guarantee that you will be winning all the time. It’s all highly dependent on luck. Don’t play with money you’re not prepared to lose.

Every slot has a fixed RTP – payout percentage. It shows how much money the machine gives players of the total amount invested. For example, if RTP is 96%, it means that the casino takes 4% of invested funds as a profit. But the figure doesn’t apply to your personal investment, but the investment of all players combined. So, even if you play for a minimum bet, you always have a chance to win big.

Start playing at the best online casinos in India, get your profitable bonuses, and win big money. Good luck!

Types of games in Online Casinos


Blackjack is one of the most interesting games and is among the most popular ones. Playing Blackjack requires a lot of strategies. One of the reasons many players like playing Blackjack is because of the amount of brain required in it. It is not only a card game of luck but also involves a lot of strategies to play. The crux is that you will have to get a hand that is more than the dealer’s hand. Or you will have to get a hand that amounts to 21. If the cards in your hand amount to more than 21, then it is not valid. 

If you want to play Blackjack, you should give considerable time to understand this game and devise a strategy by which you can win it. The rules are pretty simple, but understanding and implementing it is a different ball game altogether.

The best no deposit bonus codes 2020 India.


Slots are perhaps the most popular Casino games. It is because playing slots is comparatively easier, and you will find them in abundance. Whenever you walk into any land-based casino or online casino, one thing you would notice is an array of available slot games. People are attracted to slots because it provides you with an opportunity to win big money in a heartbeat. Also, as these are available in many varieties, you are likely not to get bored of slots anytime soon, once you start playing it.

Online slots in Casino India.


Roulette is one of the oldest types of Casino games where a wheel is used to play. Since the beginning of time, the rules for playing roulette has not changed much. Although very popular, roulette is a slightly risky type of Casino game. However, the factor of risk depends on the type of bet you choose. For instance, if you choose a black or red type of bet, then you have a 50% chance of winning. But if you choose to bet on a particular number, then your chances of winning are exponentially less. Hence, while playing roulette, you have to take the probability factor into account a great deal if you want to win.

Online Roulettes.